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How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine

Preserving the longevity and efficiency of your Bernina sewing machine hinges on proper maintenance, and one vital aspect is regular oiling. Knowing “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine” is key to ensuring its smooth operation.

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In this insightful guide, “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine, we’ll navigate through the steps of oiling your machine, emphasizing the crucial points and areas that demand attention. Whether you’re a seasoned sewist or a novice, this tutorial will equip you with the knowledge needed to keep your Bernina in prime condition, guaranteeing seamless stitching for countless creative endeavors.

How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine Detailed Answer

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Maintaining your Bernina sewing machine is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance. Regularly oiling your machine is a fundamental aspect of this care routine. Let’s explore a comprehensive step-by-step guide on “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine.”

Refer to the Manual:

  • Before beginning, consult your Bernina sewing machine manual. It provides specific instructions on the type of oil recommended and the locations that require lubrication.

Gather Supplies:

  • Ensure you have the necessary supplies, including the recommended sewing machine oil and a lint-free cloth. Prepare a clean, well-lit workspace for the task.

Power Off and Unplug:

  • For safety, turn off your sewing machine and unplug it from the electrical outlet. This prevents any accidental starts while you’re performing maintenance.

Remove Thread and Needle:

  • Take out the needle and remove any thread or fabric remnants from the machine. Cleaning the machine before oiling ensures a smoother process.

Accessing Oil Points:

  • Identify the oiling points specified in your manual. Common areas include the hook race, shuttle race, and other moving parts. Consult illustrations in the manual for precise locations.

Apply Drops of Oil:

  • Using the sewing machine oil recommended by Bernina, apply a few drops to each designated oiling point. Be conservative; over-oiling can attract dust and lint.

Manually Rotate Handwheel:

  • Rotate the handwheel manually to distribute the oil evenly. This helps in penetrating the moving parts, ensuring proper lubrication.

Wipe Excess Oil:

  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe away any excess oil. This step prevents oil from transferring onto your fabric during sewing.

Clean the Feed Dogs:

  • While you’re at it, clean the feed dogs and other accessible parts using a brush or lint roller. This promotes a clean sewing environment.

Reassemble and Test:

  • Put your sewing machine back together, reinsert the needle and thread. Before starting a new project, run the machine at a slow speed to allow the oil to spread thoroughly.

Regular Maintenance Schedule:

  • Establish a regular maintenance schedule based on your sewing frequency. For heavy users, monthly oiling may be necessary, while occasional sewers can stretch it to every 3-6 months.

Environmental Considerations:

  • If you live in a particularly dry or humid environment, adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly. Extreme conditions can impact the lubrication needs of your machine.

Seek Professional Service:

  • If you encounter any issues or are unsure about oiling specific parts, consider seeking professional servicing. Certified technicians can provide in-depth maintenance as needed.


  • Maintain a record of your machine’s maintenance activities. Note the dates of oiling, any issues encountered, and any professional servicing undertaken.

Extend Care to Accessories:

  • Don’t forget to care for your sewing machine accessories. If applicable, oil the bobbin case and clean other parts like presser feet for comprehensive maintenance.

By following these detailed steps on How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine, you contribute to its smooth operation and extend its overall lifespan. Regular care ensures that your machine continues to be a reliable partner in your creative sewing endeavors.

How To Clean A Bernina Sewing Machine

How To Clean A Bernina Sewing Machine

Keeping your Bernina sewing machine clean is crucial for optimal performance. Follow these easy steps on “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine” to ensure your machine stays in top-notch condition:

Gather Your Supplies:

  • Start by collecting the necessary cleaning supplies, including a small brush, lint-free cloth, sewing machine oil, and a screwdriver if needed.

Turn Off and Unplug:

  • Before cleaning, turn off your Bernina sewing machine and unplug it from the power source to ensure safety.

Remove the Needle and Presser Foot:

  • Take out the needle and press the foot for better access to the machine’s interior.

Clear Out Dust and Debris:

  • Use a small brush to gently remove dust and lint from the feed dogs, bobbin area, and other crevices. Be thorough but gentle to avoid damaging delicate components.

Clean the Bobbin Case:

  • Remove the bobbin case and clean it carefully. Wipe away any lint or residue with a lint-free cloth.

Oil Moving Parts:

  • Consult your Bernina sewing machine manual to identify the points that require oiling. Apply a small amount of sewing machine oil to these areas to ensure smooth movement.

Clean the Needle Plate:

  • Remove the needle plate and clean any accumulated lint or thread under it. This helps prevent fabric snags during sewing.

Check and Clean Tension Disks:

  • Inspect the tension disks for any lint buildup. Use a clean brush or a soft cloth to gently remove any debris.

Inspect the Bobbin Area:

  • Look inside the bobbin area for any tangled thread or debris. Use the brush to clean this area thoroughly.

Clean the Thread Path:

  • Follow the thread path from the spool through the guides and tension discs. Remove any lint or tangled thread along the way.

Wipe Down the Exterior:

  • Use a damp lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior of the sewing machine. This helps remove fingerprints and general dirt.

Check the Bobbin Winder:

  • If your Bernina sewing machine has a built-in bobbin winder, check and clean it as well. Ensure it moves smoothly and is free of any obstructions.

Reassemble the Machine:

  • Put back the needle, presser foot, and any other components you removed during the cleaning process.

Run a Test Stitch:

  • After cleaning, run a few test stitches on a scrap piece of fabric to ensure everything is functioning smoothly.

Regular Maintenance:

  • Make cleaning your Bernina sewing machine a regular part of your maintenance routine. A clean machine contributes to better stitch quality and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

By following these simple steps on “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine,” you’ll keep your machine in excellent condition, ensuring it performs at its best for all your sewing endeavors.

Caring for your Bernina 1130 sewing machine involves occasional oiling to keep it running smoothly. Here’s an easy guide on “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine“:

How To Oil A Bernina 1130 Sewing Machine

How To Oil A bernina 1130 sewing machine

Gather Your Supplies:

  • Start by gathering the necessary supplies. You’ll need sewing machine oil specifically designed for Bernina machines and a lint-free cloth.

Refer to the Manual:

  • Consult your Bernina 1130 sewing machine manual for specific instructions on oiling points and the type of oil recommended. If you don’t have the manual, you can often find it online or contact Bernina for a copy.

Turn Off and Unplug:

  • Before oiling, ensure your sewing machine is turned off and unplugged. Safety first!

Locate Oil Points:

  • Identify the oiling points on your Bernina 1130. Common points include the bobbin area, needle bar, presser foot bar, and any other areas indicated in the manual.

Clean the Machine:

  • Before oiling, make sure the machine is clean. Remove any dust or lint using a brush or compressed air, and wipe down the surfaces with a lint-free cloth.

Apply Oil Sparingly:

  • Using the sewing machine oil, apply a small amount to each designated oiling point. Remember, a little goes a long way. Avoid over-oiling, as excess oil can attract more dust and lint.

Run the Machine:

  • After oiling, manually rotate the handwheel or run the machine slowly for a few minutes. This helps distribute the oil and ensures it reaches all the necessary components.

Wipe Excess Oil:

  • Check for any excess oil and wipe it away with a clean lint-free cloth. This prevents oil from transferring to your fabric during sewing.

Test Stitches:

  • Run a few test stitches on a scrap piece of fabric to ensure the machine is running smoothly and there’s no oil residue affecting the stitches.

Regular Maintenance:

  • Make oiling your Bernina 1130 a part of your regular maintenance routine. Depending on usage, aim to oil the machine every few months or as recommended in the manual.

Professional Servicing:

  • While regular oiling is essential, consider professional servicing for your Bernina 1130 sewing machine. Professional technicians can perform a thorough cleaning, and oiling, and address any other maintenance needs.

Remember, proper maintenance, including oiling, is key to preserving the longevity and functionality of your Bernina 1130 sewing machine. By following these easy steps, you’ll keep your machine running smoothly for all your sewing projects


In conclusion, mastering the art of “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine” is a vital aspect of maintaining the longevity and optimal performance of these precision tools. Regular oiling, following Bernina’s guidelines, ensures smooth operation and prevents wear.

By incorporating this essential maintenance routine into your sewing machine care, you not only preserve its efficiency but also enhance the overall sewing experience. The keyword’s significance lies in safeguarding the functionality of your Bernina sewing machine, allowing it to stitch seamlessly through countless creative endeavors.


Q: How often should I oil my Bernina sewing machine?

A: It’s recommended to oil your Bernina sewing machine after every 3 to 5 bobbins or approximately every 2 to 3 hours of continuous sewing. Regular oiling ensures smooth operation and prolongs the life of your machine.”How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine

Q: Can I use any oil for my Bernina sewing machine, or is there a specific type recommended?

A: It’s crucial to use the recommended Bernina sewing machine oil to ensure proper lubrication without causing damage. Consult your machine’s manual for the specific oil type and application instructions.

Q: What parts of the Bernina sewing machine should I oil, and how do I do it?

A: Oil the designated points specified in your Bernina sewing machine manual. Typically, oil the hook race, needle bar, presser bar, and other specified points. Follow the step-by-step instructions in “How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine” for proper application.

Q: Can over-oiling my Bernina sewing machine cause issues?

A: Yes, over-oiling can attract dust and lint, leading to potential issues. Follow the recommended oiling intervals and use the specified amount of oil for each application to avoid over-oiling.

Q: What should I do if my Bernina sewing machine is making unusual noises despite oiling?

A: Unusual noises may indicate a different issue. Check for proper threading, a bent needle, or a malfunctioning part. If the issue persists, consult your Bernina dealer or a professional technician for further inspection.”How To Oil A Bernina Sewing Machine

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